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Top International Travel Summits for all Travel Agencies in Business

Travel summits in the Travel industry can be a real lifesaver. Networking with others, and an excuse to get out of the office would be how you will be taking part in these conferences. Travel conferences give away different things for different people. Looking for new deals, discover new innovations, learning new skills or just indulge in some networking, there are some of the important features of these exciting conferences. We bring you some of the conferences happening around the world so that you can plan your trip as well as deals accordingly.

1. Matka, Nordic Travel Fair

travel summits

Over 1000 exhibitors are attracted by Matka every year, because of being the largest travel conference in the Baltic region and Northern Europe. Happening in Finland, exhibitors from over 80 different countries across the world attend here. The Main Aim behind the Matka is to learn about new products and services which are open for both public and trade buyers. One can make valuable links and aggregate information on the dynamic innovations of the travel industry in this Travel summit.

2. NatourAlpe Adria

The location of this event would be Ljubljana, Slovenia. This provides an opportunity to network with travel industry leaders in the Alps region and learn about responsible green travel and ecotourism. This is an open event and is attended by the public, exhibitors and media personnel.

3. Travel Technology Europe

This is one of the top travel tech conferences, which is a short two-day travel conference held in Olympia, London. In our ever-growing industry, this is focused on technological development with over 5000 attendees and more than 30 conference sessions. Industry’s current problems can find all the latest tech info at this conference by the travel professionals looking for technology solutions. Such travel summits conferences become a gathering place with exciting opportunities and refreshing ideas.

4. Women’s Travel Fest

This is a conference specifically and particularly for ladies. It has become the largest consumer travel conference for women which has been growing since 2013. Join like-minded people and amazing female speakers more than 30 in numbers. Women’s Travel fest takes place in New York, USA and is an incredible opportunity to upskill and make good connections in all the right areas.

5. B Travel Trade Show

This is a really great all-round travel conference and trade fair where you will get to learn a lot. It is held in Barcelona, Spain where you will be introduced to world-class products and ideas, socialize with industry leaders and much more. You can expect a crowd in this Southern Europe’s biggest travel event.

6. Travel and Words

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This is one of the events, a great place for travel writers, bloggers, and destination marketers to get together. Located in Oregon, USA this is a conference built on passion and voluntary work. The future of travel marketing in media and print is discussed here. It is ideal for exposure to potential new markets, focusing on freelance travel writers in the Northwest.

7. Fitur

This is one of the biggest tourism fairs in the world held every year in Madrid. This acts as an ideal getaway to Latin- American markets which draw a crowd of tourism professionals and travelers alike. Consumers develop strategies with this as a platform for demand and communication. The doors of Fitur are open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, while the first 3 days of the conference are for trade visitors only. This conference can be used to gain new insights and knowledge in the industry and network with other tourism professionals and travelers as well.

8. Travel and Adventure Show

This is one of the biggest travel summits events that is held at various places across the USA such as San Diego, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas. This will enable the visitors to visit the closest show to them. They can rub shoulders with some big travel celeb names, discover new travel destinations across the globe. Travel businesses and public events are brought together in this travel event.

9. ITB Global

This aims to boost the relationship between travel loyalty programs and travel clubs. This is the place to be if you are in the industry and hoping to increase your club membership or add value to your loyalty program. It is held at Cheyenne, Wyoming USA.

10. International Luxury Travel Mart

Showcasing the ultimate luxury travel brands with handpicked travel advisors, the ILTM conferences are held at the different regions. Scheduled at Riviera Maya, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Cannes, Dubai in the current year. Here the luxury and travel combine to display fantastic holiday opportunities in each country.

11. World Trade Market

It is held at multiple locations thus hosting thousands of travelers altogether. The best of Latin America is shown to the rest of the world with the Latin American WTM. Similarly, WTM Africa covers Africa and WTM London connects the industry’s top people, as well as learn more about the world of travel and tourism. The World Trade market this year is scheduled at Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cape Town, South Africa, London, England.

12. Skift Forum

Travel summits

This is a forum for the world leaders of innovation in travel and tourism to come together and share, gain and develop new ideas. Amazing speakers, research-driven actionable insights, offers a great opportunity to network becoming one of the travel marketing conferences.

13. Tourism and Leisure Studies Conference

This is a platform for travel industry professionals to discuss matters within the industry. Issues, innovations, past, current and future trends, are presented and debated with like-minded individuals. For all those of you who are looking for a change, this is a great conference.

14. IPW Conference

U.S. travel exhibitors connect with travel buyers and media from across 70 countries. The aim behind this is to showcase their products and build relationships. It takes place in Las Vegas, USA and showcases what America has to offer, brings in a great deal of tourism to the country

15. PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference

This is an event created by travel communicators for travel communicators working as a platform for travel media and marketing to gain new insights and share knowledge of the industry. Travel bloggers and journalists find this Travel summits conference truly ideal. Best practices are shared, networks are expanded, trending content ideas are given away as part of the conference. The conference shall be hosted in Spokane, Washington.

16. International Conference on Sustainable Tourism

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This conference that is research-led focuses on the social and environmental impact of tourism. Active collaboration and innovative solutions protect places impacted by tourism. If you are looking to improve your own or your company’s role and impact, then this international conference is a valuable one to take part in. The location of the event would be Madrid, Spain.

17. Travel Writers and Photographers Conference

This is among the niche options making it a perfect place for all travel writers and photographers to come together and expand their knowledge and skills. It is hosted Corte Madera, California, the USA by Book Passage bound to be a world of knowledge shared over the 3-day event. You’ll come away with actionable insights and a lot of new contacts. with the workshops, panels, and evening activities which are all part of the conference.

18. TBEX North America

This is a networking event that has quickly become the largest conference for content creators, travel brands, and industry professionals. Location of the event shall Lafayette, Louisiana, USA partners with fantastic destinations across the globe. Attracts hundreds of delegates each year, partnering with fantastic destinations across the globe, it is a great place to network and do business.

This is an exciting year for travel with innovative and new solutions, always breaking ground and a global public itching to explore. Get ready with your passports and visas, pack your bags to hit the best travel summits conferences.

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