Top Festivals Happening in Mumbai this 2020

Celebrate the Cosmopolitan Life of Mumbai with these Festivals!

The city which is among the most populous in India and the heart of the famous Bollywood film industry, Mumbai has a list of events nationals as well as international taking place. All these are celebrated with great enthusiasm and gusto by the people of Mumbai. Every kind of festival is celebrated in this multi-cultural state, so plan your trip to Mumbai following the festival calendar of festivals in the city that celebrate Mumbai’s friendliness, culture, and overwhelming exuberance. We bring you some of the top festivals in Mumbai you must attend in the year 2020.

Ganesh Chaturthi-

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This Hindu festival is something that cannot miss this list of festivals celebrated in Mumbai. History of this public event goes something like this – Lokmanya Tilak, the freedom fighter transformed this festival into a public event in the year 1893. Even though it was a festival celebrated in every household previously, from then on it started coming out in public to show India’s unity among castes to rebel against the British rule. The festivals go on for a week-long with prayers, hymns, songs and performances at almost every corner and lane of the city. On the day of visarjan, i.e the last day, idols of Lord Ganesha are taken into processions and immersed in the sea. So, do witness this extravagant gala event across Mumbai and even Maharashtra if you are visiting the city around Ganesh Chaturthi.

Mumbai International Film Festival-

The event is organized by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and is one of the oldest and largest film festivals for non-feature films in South Asia. This is a week-long fiesta celebrating documentaries, short fiction and animation films from various parts of the country. This includes an award ceremony, and also prize money involved for the films in different categories.

Oktoberfest Mumbai-

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This festival is all about Food, liquor, and music, which is a true extravaganza. This is one of the international Mumbai festivals which is a cultural celebration of the party hounds of India. This is an annual fest lasting for 16 days and happens at various prominent places in Mumbai such as the Barking Deer, The White Owl, Woodside Inn, BlueFrog, JW Cafe, ImBiss and the Hard Rock Cafe.

Golden Citizen Festival-

This event was started in 2012 when Chris Martin, Coldplay’s lead vocalist performed in India for the first time. He is also the curator for this massive even which aims at ending global poverty. Hollywood artists and who’s who of Bollywood are all part of this event. These artists and performers include Jay Z, Demi Lovato, India’s legend A.R.Rahman, Coldplay and many others. It is one of the best music events in Mumbai.

Mumbai Film Festival-

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The festival is jointly organized by the Star works and the Jio MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Image) Mumbai Film Festival. The vision of this is to offer the best of Indian cinema to the world and the best of world cinemas to the people of Mumbai. It is one of the most celebrated festivals of Mumbai which also showcases homegrown indie gems, film-related workshops, world-cinema titles, and movie reunions.

Krishna Janmashtami-

This is another prominent Hindu religious festival that marks and celebrates the day as the birthday of Lord Krishna. This festival of all holds a special place in Mumbai, the ISKCON temple is all set in the festive vibe and decorations with special prayers until midnight on the day of Krishna Janmashtami. The cutest and highlighting part of the festival is Children dressed as Krishna and Radha.

India Art Festival-

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Scheduled to happen 9- 12 January 2020 at Nehru Centre, Indian Art Festival is a huge art festival in Mumbai. Mumbai is among the two cities to host the premier where the where art galleries, art dealers, artists, architects, interior designers, and art buyers come under one roof. It is one of the greatest stages for autonomous artists to showcase their works to the established ones.

YoutubeFanfest Mumbai-

One of the most exciting Mumbai festivals where the budding Youtube stars from India and across the world are celebrated. YoutubeFanfest Mumbai comprises Youtube Stars performing such as famous youtube dancers, singers, comedians, and other entertaining artists. In the year 2018, some of the key performers included Ashish Chanchlani, AkshBhagla, Be Younick, Bhuvan Ram, Matt Stefania, Collins Key, Gabbie Hanna, and many others.

Dahi Handi Festival Mumbai-

Also known as the Mumbai Govinda festival is one of the highly celebrated festivals in Mumbai by Hindus. This is basically an act mimicking the stealing of butter by Lord Krishna himself, taking place every year on the day after Janmashtami. SanskrutiYuvaPratishthanDahi Handi, Sankalp PratishthanDahi Handi, Worli, Thane, ShramikSarvajanik Utsav Mandal, SangharshPratishthanDahi Handi, and Ram Kadam Dahi Handi, Ghatkopar are some of the events where you can enjoy the best of this festival. This is one of the best and fun to witness festivals of Mumbai scheduled for the 12th of August.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival-

This is a nine days long cultural festival usually commencing on the first Saturday and closing on the second Sunday of February. Kala Ghoda arts festival celebrates various forms of art, music, dance, and theatre. You can enjoy a great session of shopping, visit art galleries, take part in dance and music performances and seminars. It has been scheduled to take place between 1 to 9 February in 2020.

Holi Festival in Mumbai-

The colors so vibrant, the food so lip-smacking and delicious, live DJ performances and fun unlimited is how we can describe Holi in Mumbai. There is nothing compared to Holi celebrations in Mumbai! Indulge in some of the electrifying Holi events in Mumbai as you choose to play it in the shores of Marine Drive, Gorai and Kalamb Beach. Or camp at DahanuChikoo Farm use eco-friendly herbal colors as you take part in Mumbai Holi Festival Tour.

Elephanta festival-

The government to promote tourism and culture organizes this festival which is one of the best festivals in Mumbai. Named so because of the location the festival is organized on the Elephanta Islands, the Elephanta festival lasts for two days. Various programs are part of the festival such as talent shows, rituals, dance and music celebration and much more which can be enjoyed by the visitors. An idol of Lord Shiva lit up at night is the highlight of the festival which is illuminated at its best.


gudi padwa

This is a festival celebrated under different names in different states which is basically a Hindu New Year. GudiPadwa marks the traditional new year for Konkani and Marathi Hindus which is a spring-time festival, usually falling in the Hindu month of Chaitra and celebrated in the month of March-April. People celebrate this festival with utmost zeal and enthusiasm, praying for the prosperity for the upcoming year. Activities enjoyed as part of celebrations of GudiPadwa include hoisting of Gudi flags, making of colorful rangoli, photography, and feasting on the delicacies.

Coconut Festival-

This is a unique festival named Nariel Purnima coinciding with the festival of Rakshabandhan. A major festival for the Mumbai’s fishermen community marks the end of the monsoons. An offering of coconut is made to God of rain, to keep them safe by the fishermen of the region. The celebrations include fishermen painting and decorate their boats, lighting of little oil lamps and taking part in processions on this auspicious festival.

Banganga Festival-

This is an annual festival lasting for two days celebrated in the month of January in Malabar hills. Banganga Festival is indeed Conducted jointly by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation which is one of the upcoming festivals in Mumbai. The main intention and aim of these celebrations is to protect the existing rich cultural heritage of the country. It is a music carnival which is a musical tribute to Lord Ram and praising song for God, these are the attractions of the festival creating a wonderful atmosphere altogether.

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