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As it is already known Rishikesh is the world’s capital of Yoga, an adventure hub of the country. Located at the foothills of the Himalayas in the Gharwal region of Uttarakhand, this mystic city of high religious as well as spiritual significance for the river Ganga flows down to the plains from hills here. Yoga is an activity involving every part of you, may it be mind, body or soul. It helps you achieve self-illumination, strengthening your body as well as mind. Yoga involves breathing activities, unwinding system, and reflection of oneself.

Adventure in Rishikesh doesn’t end with one or two activities the list goes a long way from river rafting, Bunjee jumping, trekking, cliff jumping to ta lot many more of them. However, the rapids created as the River Ganges flows through rocky and rough patches of terrain makes it an excellent place for different grades of rafting. This develops an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone from an amateur to the veteran level.

We bring you some of the top Ashrams for Yoga, information about Rafting in Rishikesh and even the different trekking/hiking Trails you can check around.


things to do in rishikesh

Yoga is derived from the word “Yuj” which in Sanskrit means intends to join together. Most of the people are in the misconception that Yoga only involves activities in succession with turned body postures, well its not just that. Yoga is a beautiful connection between the way of life and the way to deal with it. It is a spiritual as well as physical union between the brain, body, and soul. We bring you some of the topmost Ashrams in Rishikesh to learn Yoga.

Patanjali International Yoga Foundation

It is one of the famous Yoga Ashrams in the town deriving its sources from the Ancient Sanskrit books. The teaching includes various physical asana, pranayama, mudra, kriya, and different concentration strategies, all of which following the sacred texts of the sage Patanjali. Also, various programs such as Yoga-Ayurveda Therapy Course 200hrs Yoga Teachers Training Course 200 or 500 hrs, classes, concentrated one month course, workshops and retreats are held here for you to choose from.

Vyasa Yoga Peetha

This is one of the schools providing the best Yoga training in India incorporating 200 hours, 300 hour and 500-hour yoga educator preparing. They give out the lessons from the old holy people from the Arya Samaj. Vyasa Yoga Peeth believes in developing each human being to imbue extraordinary quality in his/her way of life in the standards by which he/she can utilize nature.

Sadhana Mandir

This was established by Swami Rama as a global retreat community in the year 1966 to practice contemplation in an extremely nourishing environment. This is situated on the banks of Ganges with a peaceful and tranquil environment, blossoming gardens, mango trees, and a lotus lake. This is surely a celebrated point to learn yoga in Rishikesh.

Parmarth Nikethan

Lying on the banks of Mother Ganga in the lap of serene Himalayas ParmarthNikethan is an outwardly place offering one of the best teacher training in Rishikesh. It is the biggest ashram with more than 1,000 rooms, teaching a huge number of pathfinders originating from all edges of the Earth. This is located in Swargashram on the main street.

Vishwa Shanti Yoga

This school offers private Yoga Teacher Training of 200, 300 and 500 Hours based on Yoga Alliance USA affirmation on Hatha Yoga. Vishwa Shanti Yoga is for those who need to learn yoga for their self-improvement and/or to wind up as a skilful yoga educator.


River Rafting in Rishikesh is one of the activities that will surely make your trip unforgettable getting your pulse and adrenaline racing. This is an activity that is thrilling and fun for people of all ages. Under the expert guidance and supervision, tourist can enjoy this sport without any risk of uncertainty. There are certain stretches and seasons in Rishikesh for involving in different kinds of rapids.

Brahmpuri Rafting Season

Rafting in this stretch of about 9km can be enjoyed between mid-September and June-end. It is a basic one and mostly has rapids of grade II.

Shivpuri Rafting Season

This stretch opens soon after Brahmpuri and closed around the beginning of June. Consisting of Grade III rapids this is a stretch of 16 km long.

Marine Drive Rafting Season

This is a 25km long stretch that runs simultaneously with the Shivpuri season, wherein closes 1-2 weeks before it. Mostly of grade IV rapids and very thrilling but not recommended for the first-timers.

Kaudiyala Rafting Season

This is the season with the shortest window that opens in mid-October and closes around mid-May. The rapids of Grade V and definitely not recommended if you are a beginner since it is an advanced stretch and extremely adventurous. The length of this stretch is about 34km and takes approximately 8 hours to cover.

Some of the safety measures which you must follow while rafting in Rishikesh-

  • Fitness is important, get a health check-up done before starting with this.
  • Do not involve in consumption of liquor or any form of intoxicants before starting the activity.
  • Follow by the rules and regulations and guide’s instructions for safety. This is how even minors and non-swimmers can enjoy this sport.
  • Do not paddle individually, stay in sync with the team.
  • Wear your life jackets always, in case of a mishap its good not to panic instead follow your guide’s instructions.
  • Dress appropriately especially avoid wearing casual sandals, it’s preferable to have river sandals or sports shoes.
  • Pay attention while you are being instructed by your guide or facilitators.


best trekking places in india

The location of Rishikesh is an extraordinary feature which enables the town to offer so many activities to the tourists and adventure seekers. Trekking is one such activity around here the end result of which are some of the hidden jewels of the region. You can explore various trekking routes at this gateway to Garhwal Himalayas.

Kunjapuri Trekking

at a distance of 26km from Rishikesh, Kunjapuri temple is located near the town of Narendranagar. At a height of 1650 meters, this temple is known for the views of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas it offers. It totally has about 290 stairs which require about 4 hours for a two-way journey. You can enjoy a pretty picturesque view of Haridwar, Hrishikesh and Doon valley from here.

Jhilmil Gufa Trekking

This is a small cave located inside the forest which takes about 4 hours of trek and located near Nilkanth Mahadev Temple. A few Shadhus are said to be living there and also houses a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva too. An easy path up here makes many people including the older generations take part in it. It is about 26km from Rishikesh which is a further drive of 4 more km from Neelkanth Mahadev temple and a trek of 2 km further. Not many people visit this place though, making it a tranquil place free of the usual crowds around the region.

Waterfalls Trekking 

There are many waterfalls around the region that are nestled in the Shivalik ranges around Rishikesh. It is a beautiful trek amidst green surroundings and forest canopy to uncover these hidden treasures. The most popular among these is Neer Gaddu waterfall trekking. Neer Gaddu waterfall trekking, GarudChatti waterfall trekking. Enjoy the beauty on the way as well as the mystique waterfalls also take a dip in it without polluting the sources.

Neelkant Mahadev Temple Trekking

At a distance of 31km from Rishikesh, this temple is located at a height of 1330 meters. While one has to trek about 14 km to reach this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva from Rishikesh. The legend has it that Lord Shiva consumed the poison which originated during the sea churning while Gods and Demons were on a quest to obtain Nectar at this particular place where the temple is situated currently. Lord Shiva’s throat turned due to this act which is the exact reason why the temple is named Neelkanth Mahadev meaning Blue-throated Shiva. It is a good trek up to the temple and can be returned by car or a local shared vehicle.

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