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Top Pune festival you must attend in 2020!

Live Young, Live Free while in Pune, the youngest city!

Pune a festive, vibrant and culturally diverse city in India, hosts a number of unique festivals. These can be best-enjoyed by visitors and locals alike and fulfill their desires whatever may it be. Pune has it all, whether you are looking for music, food, culture, dance or shopping. Plan your dates and book your things well in advance to get the best of this city and its events. We bring you some of the happening festivals of this place.

Pune Biennale

An internationally recognized art festival commemorating and connecting creative minds. This vibrant festival hosts various schemes and displays unparalleled artworks across the city. Pune Biennale brings together artists from around the world as well as India. For those of you wanting to make connections and networks within the art community or display their works, the festival is a must-visit.

The Eateries Food Festival

This is a festival that is dedicated 100% to the unique food in Pune. It hosts over 30 food stalls and 5 food trucks offering a variety of delectables to pounce upon. Various comedy shows, live bands, and games held here which can also be enjoyed by the visitors. Another interesting highlight of the festival is that the Eateries Food Fest is pet-friendly, so it the best along with your furry companions.

Pune Festival

pune festival

This celebrates local traditions, arts, dance, and culture lasting for over 10 days. Pune Festivals was initially established as a local event, whereas now attracting festival-goers from around India and abroad. Visitors will get to browse through fine handicrafts, and also try delicious local cuisines.

Vh1 Supersonic

This EDM festival has previously hosted some of the most recognized DJs and performers in the industry. They include artists like Alt-J, Sean Paul, Major Lazor, and Incubus which is a 3-day music and dance extravaganzas. Vh1 Supersonic is a haven for party-goers and EDM lovers along with being the most extensive music festival happening in Pune.

Pune International Film Festival

pune festival

It’s a yearly festival inclusive of film screenings, hosting various actors and directors. Many struggling and upcoming actors flock to the film festival to pursue a career by showcasing their talent which is facilitated by Pune’s ideal location. Many people look forward to attending this renowned event at the Pune International Film Festival. So, if you are planning to attend this festival do make your bookings beforehand as the hotels fill up quickly at the time of this event.

Osho Festival

Osho Ashram is flocked by thousands of Osho lovers every year to become part of this festival. This reveals the teachings of Osho and helps visitors to practice them too. Various workshops at the Osho festival includes tantra, yoga breathwork classes, and many other notable Osho meditations in which visitors can choose to participate. This is flocked into and attended by people from across the globe.

Pune Comic-Con

pune festival

Focusing on comic books and pop culture, this is an extremely popular international convention. Pune Comic Con lasting for 2 days attracts approximately 5000 visitors annually and hosts 25 unique exhibitors. These Comic-Con festivals happen across the world in various prominent cities. Other places you can enjoy comic con in India are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and others.

Urban Dance Week

India’s first studio-style, club-style and street dance workshop which lasts for over 5 days. Urban Dance Week brings together urban and hip-hop dance enthusiasts to pursue their talents further. It will also help in developing an individual visitor in the way he wants, thus making it an event perfect for those looking to get into urban dance or to try something new.

The PetYo Festival

As the name suggests this is an ideal event for pet and animal lovers. Games, competitions, stalls, a photo booth and much more are arranged for the visitors to enjoy. The PetYo Festival also sets up a Food Court for Pets, free pet check-ups, and a pet adoption counter along with an unlimited buffet for human companions.

The Wassup Flea- This is known to be Pune’s finest flea market event, also making it a perfect family day out. More than 150 stalls, drum circles, a fine line-up of live bands, dance workshops, and kid’s zone altogether make up this Flea.

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