Places to visit in Pithoragarh

8 Places to visit in Pithoragarh | Things to do in Pithoragarh

This is a small town also fondly referred to as Little Kashmir is a gateway to Himalayan Range often bustling with tourists. Also a stopover or a base point for the pilgrims or trekkers on their way to Kailash Mansarover.Pithoragarh offers an unforgettable trip with a beautiful Soar valley and Nepal in the east and Tibet in the north. Best Places to visit in Pithoragarh.

The town is adorned with tranquil temples, fort, villages, lush green forests and natural resources, in addition to River Kali flowing through which is on an overall basis blessing of beauty to the travel enthusiasts. Book Hill Station Tour Packages 

How to reach

By air- Nearest airport is located at Dehradun which is at a distance of 226 km from Pithoragarh. Ahead of which you will have to hire a cab to reach the destination or go for government-run buses.

By Train- Nearest railhead is at Tanakpur at a distance of 138km which is pretty well connected with all the major Indian cities.

By Road- Pithoragarh is well connected to the major cities in Uttarakhand with well-maintained roads. It can also be reached by state-owned or private buses which run quite regularly.

Best Time to Visit

Just like any other hill station, the weather during summer(march- June) remains pleasant here with the temperatures not soaring up so you can take part in all the outdoor activities at most convenience.

Winters(October- February) are extremely cold accompanied by snowfall in the higher altitudes. The temperatures are freezing also dripping to negative. Usually, the snowfall begins in January.

Monsoon (July- September) receives heavy rainfall leading to slippery roads and landslides, so it is best avoided during then.

Trekking in Pithoragarh

best trekking places in india

The location of Pithoragarh is most convenient for beginning any treks and hikes around the region. Its proximity to the high altitude areas and also a few glaciers make it a hub for trekking activities and enthusiasts visiting from around the world.

Adi Kailash Trek

This is one of the most popular treks of the region maximum altitude of which reaches 14500 ft taking about 11 to 12 days to complete the whole trek. This is quite challenging and a tough trek covering a total distance of 76 km. The route followed is mostly Pithoragarh – Dharchula – Lakhanpur – Lamari – Budi – Nabi – Nampa – Kutti – JollingkongKutti – Namapa – Nabi – Om Parvat – Nabi – Chialekh – Budi – Lamari -Lakhanpur – Dharchula and return. Adi Kailash peak is also known to be one of the most sacred peaks in the Indian Himalayan region. It is also known as Om Parvat because of the shape of OM that snow deposition forms over it. This is also known by various other names such as Little Kailash or Chhota Kailash, Jonglingpong Peak, and Baba Kailash. Also, a holy lake is located at its base at a height of 4,500 meters which is too considered holy among the Hindu pilgrims. This trek to Adi Kailash peak will take through several tribal villages, cultivating lands, rich valleys, a range of flora and fauna at different altitude cutting through various small streams. This trail scales an elevation of 2,200 meters to 4,752 meters along which you will be able to witness Annapurna Peak, which lies in Nepal at an elevation of 8,091 meters. Usually, the trek here is carried on or organized from June to October. It is recommended that you have prior experience in trekking in order to take part in this as it is one of the alpine treks in the Indian Himalayan belt.

Pithoragarh Sinla Pass Trek

The altitude of this trek reaches 18025 ft the best season for this is mid-may to mid-October. It is an incredible trekking destination that every trekker out there would like to experience. The Pithoragarh Sin La Trek takes you across lush green fields, obscure villages, and untamed forests. This used to be an ancient trade route connecting Bhotiyas to Tibet and is blanketed in snow all round the year. Pithoragarh Sinla Pass Trek is one of the moderately challenging treks starting from Pangu located at a distance of 144km from Pithoragarh.

Ralam Glacier Trek

The trek at the shortest takes about 4 hours located at a height of 4000 meters above sea level. This is one of the most sought after treks in the Himalayan belt. Ralam Glacier Trek is a delight and picturesque landscapes with an abundance of Himalayan beauty to offer. Make sure to hire the expert and an authentic guide, carry warm and woollen clothes, first aid kit and necessary medicines.

Nanda Devi Trek

Nanda Devi Peak is one of the major attractions of Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Trek to this peak commences from Munsiyrai leading you on a trans – Himalayan trek reaching an altitude of 2290 m. You will get to spot rustic settlements, hamlets like Martoli and Rilkot which will reflect the lives of people in mountains. These villages must be dating back their routes to at least a hundred and fifty years, connecting the links of Indo-Tibetan silk routes. This trek apart from being an adventure seeker’s paradise is also a great model for photographers, nature lovers, and artists.

Places to visit in Pithoragarh

There are several trekking trails apart from which you can also choose to go sightseeing or relax in these peaceful places located around Pithoragarh. We bring you the list of places to visit in Pithoragarh

1. Munsiyari


This is a small town located at about 127km from Pithoragarh often referred to as “Little Kashmir” situated at a height of 2298 meters. Munsiyari is known for the adventurous trekking trails as well as its panoramic view of snow-capped Himalayan Range. It is nestled between three glaciers namely Namik, Milam and Ralam Glaciers at the border of countries India, Tibet, and Nepal. This scenic village offers amazingly pleasant weather all round the year with a backdrop of Panchachuli, Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi peaks. This used to be an ancient trade route between Tibet and India starting from Johar Valley and also known as ‘Gateway to Johar Valley.

2. Maheshwari Kund

a few km walks from Munsiyari will take you to this Maheshwari Kund which is a beautiful place and also has a legend attached. This place is said to have faced a severe drought because of a curse by a Yakshi who used to live in a small lake there. This occurred as a consequence of not allowing the Yakshi to marry the daughter of Sarpanch. He drained the lake of water as a form of revenge. However, you will find the Lake standing there in full glory offering an incredible view of Panchachuli Peak.

3. ThamariKund

The place is rich in a variety of flora and also houses many Musk Deer and forests of Alpine trees to paper trees. The lake is perfectly surrounded by nature and its beauty in abundance.

4. Birthi Falls

This fall is an extremely refreshing experience dropping from a height of 126m. One can ideally sit and enjoy tea and lunch with the surroundings blooming in various colours. It is located at a distance of 35km from Munsiyari.

5. Khaliya Top

This is an easy trek of 10km from Munsiyari offering a magnificent view of great Himalayan ranges more clearly in summers. The peaks of five famous mountains Panchachuli, Hardeol, Rajrambha, Nandakot, and Nandadevi are clearly seen from here making it an amazing experience for every kind of trekker whether he is an amateur or an expert. This spot also offers a perfect place for skiing in winters with the snow-laden alpine slopes.

6. Panchachuli Peak

This is a prominent peak visible from most parts of Pithoragarh district and looks even more majestic from Munsiyari. The five peaks in the Johar Valley adds more charm to the place which is already delightful enough.

7. Kalamuni Top

This is a 9500 ft tall peak situated at a distance of about 15 km from Munsiyari and falls on the way to Birthi. There is a Kali Temple dedicated to Naga God which is has got fame to this place. The pine forest sprawled across with a backdrop of the Panchachuli peak is a must-visit place to get the view.

8. Nanda Devi Temple

Places to visit in Pithoragarh

This is a temple with a typical Kumaoni architecture that is about a 3km trek from Munsiyari dates back to 1000 years and yet well preserved. The famous Nanda Devi fair taking place here annually in the month of August has commenced from 16th century and continues till date. this is indeed a delightful place to witness the culture and all the mythologies associated with the place.

9. Betulidhar

This is situated at an altitude of 9000 ft with an entrancing view of the snow-covered Himalayas with Balati and Ralam Glaciers. It is a place covered with full of Rhododendrons bloom offering a gorgeous sight of sunset and sunrise.

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