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Dhanaulti, a little town located at a distance of 62km from Mussoorie, a perfect offbeat destination at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. This place brings the much-required break from your regular humdrum of life with a minimum intrusion of human elements. This untouched hamlet will bewilder you with the beauty of the Himalayan ranges away from the over-commercialized tourist neighborhoods such as Mussoorie and Dehradun.

Tucked away in the Garhwal Himalayas, Dhanaulti has risen up to become a popular getaway from the major north Indian cities. This is a year-round destination which is a beautiful and rejuvenating retreat into the solace of the elevated mountains. The oaks and deodars, and turn the quaint hill station into a fairytale destination during the winters giving it a new facade altogether.

Best Time to visit Dhanaulti


The best months remain through half a year almost from September to June with a temperate climate throughout the year. The monsoons, however, can be avoided even though it brings the real beauty of the region covered in a lush green blanket.

Summer (April- June) The temperature barely rises above 30 degrees Celsius making it one of the most pleasant places to visit during this part of the year. The days are warm and peaceful, while the evenings might even turn chilly at times, so it is advisable to keep warm clothes handy.

Winter( November- February) If luck stays by you, you may get to witness snowfall during the winters, otherwise which also the entire hill station is covered in sheets of snow in February. You can avoid the peak and harsh months if you cannot cope with the cold conditions, whereas other parts of the winters are also a beautiful time to visit this region.

Monsoons (July- September) are best avoided as the hill station receives quite heavy rainfalls hindering the outdoor activities. There are high possibilities of sudden cloudbursts too making the slopes are fatally dangerous and also most of the roads remain blocked during this time.

How to Reach Dhanaulti

By air, the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun which is about 82km from the town. You can readily avail taxis and cabs to reach Dhanaulti from the airport.

By Train, the nearest railway station is at Dehradun about 85km from the town. There is a good network of trains running in this route most of them being from Delhi.

By Road, you can reach Mussorie and take cabs, taxis or even buses to reach Dhanaulti which is pretty well connected from there.

Places to visit in Dhanaulti


Eco Park

This is one of the most popular and most visited tourist attractions in Dhanaulti. The Eco-park spread over 13 hectares was developed to create employment opportunities for poor people as a measure to reduce poverty. The park located at a height of 7800 m above the sea level is covered in deodar and oak trees, very well maintained also with a separate playground for the kids to hang out. This park is divided into forests namely Amber and Dhara making it one of the best places to enjoy for Nature lovers, adventurous one to spend some solitary time in pure nature’s bliss. Some highlights and stand out features of this park are- the forest is entirely developed by the help of the local youth, every person visiting the park can plant a sapling in memory of their loved ones, which is a tradition named memory sapling plantation. It is best visited during sunrise and sunset or even for a peaceful picnic making it a lovely spot to view the Himalayas.

Dhanaulti Adventure Park

This is a perfect combination of leisure and adventure located amidst towering hill, snow-capped mountains with a view so magnificent. Several adventure activities are available in this Adventure park such as valley crossing, zip swing, zip line, trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, Skywalk, sky bridge, paragliding, cave exploration and many more which is fun for people of every age.

Surkanda Devi Temple

The temple is located at a distance of 8km from Dhanaulti which makes way through a trek of 2km from village Kaddu Khal. Even though the climb is a tough one it is well worth the rewarding view and serenity that follows. Surkanda Devi temple is one of the most popular shaktipeeth in India following the mythology of Sati jumping into the sacrificial fire to go against her Father’s act of not inviting Lord Shiva to a ceremony.

Potato Farm

The Potato farm is locally called Aloo Khet spread across in the government and some private farmers’ land strips. This is for all those who would like to experience the rustic and raw form of nature. You can choose to visit this take a walk along the park which is about a km from the main market. The Potato farm also offers a spectacular view of the Doon valley.

Camp Thangdhar


This is the best adventure camp located at a distance of 14km from the main town at a height of 8300 feet. It is surrounded by pine and deodar trees, providing a basic stay and good activities around the region. Adventure junkies have options such as rock climbing, snow camping, trekking or mountain biking, architectural or history enthusiasts have some of the architectural ruins of the past, Jain temples nearby and other structural marvels of the gone era to explore. These temples are located in the Kanali Fort, overlooking the Betwa river offering a peaceful place to relax and chill.

Apple Orchard Resort

This is home to a variety of apples cultivated and sold here. You can choose to take back fresh hill products such as jams and juices which are also manufactured here. Choose from the juiciest Early Sunberry and Golden Delicious varieties, without missing on the Red Delicious and the Royal Delicious.

Deogarh Fort

Deogarh Fort is yet another popular attraction in Dhanaulti. It houses a number of Jain temples in and around the area. The fort built in the 16th century has many other beautiful palaces and has several murals.

Dashavaatar temple

This is located about 10 km from Dhanaulti which was initially known as the Panchayatan temple. The main idol here is of Lord Vishnu and the overall temple dating back to Gupta Empire. The temple has inscriptions of the Vaishnava mythology alongside a wonderful architecture, and the beautifully carved panels on the walls.

Tehri Dam

This is among the popular places to visit near Dhanaulti with clear waters in the front, and ultra scenic views of the hills in the backdrop. This place set up amidst a beautiful setting offers an ultimate serenity and calm because of which it is visited by people for picnics or a day out away from the hustle and bustle of cities and big towns.

You can also choose to visit other cities and towns around to cover up the number of days.


This is located some distance away from the popular tourist destination, Mussoorie which offers you the best of nature. This picturesque hamlet situated at about 1600 m above the sea level in the Garhwal region surrounded by deodar and pine trees. Visiting this mesmerizing destination will leave you enchanted during any time of the year. It serves as a perfect weekend getaway combined with a tour of Mussoorie, New Tehri, and Dhanaulti.

New Tehri

This planned city boasts the world’s largest hydroelectricity projects is a sigh to watch as the reservoir formed by the cascading of Bhagirathi and Bhilangana rivers takes over the major part of it. The city also offers some water sports such as jet skiing which are an add on attraction alongside its imposing dam. A fact that is terrifying about the region is that The Old Tehri town lies fully submerged in the water at a short distance away from the new Tehri. You can also visit a few Hindu temples around which are beautiful adding on the aura of spirituality.



This beautiful hill station strategically placed in the Doon Valley is a holiday destination in Uttarakhand like no other. Nature’s beauty in abundance offers mesmerizing views of Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, and Badrinath peak from a high point, Shivaliks, Kempty waterfalls, and many other such attractions. Mussoorie is a perfect destination for relaxation where the colonial structural beauty in the form of churches, libraries, hotels and summer palaces blends with those of natural ones. The hill station also flaunts markets displaying varied items of handicrafts, handloom, souvenirs, and others. Rightly called the queen of hills the place has a charm that remains unmatchable to date.

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