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Places To Go in May 2020, Around the World.

A Marvelous May as you visit these Destinations after we all survive the COVID-19 

May is known to bring in the sunshine, warm weather along with festivals around the globe. The beginning of vacations, summer adventure sports, blossoming of cherries, May has got a list of places that can be visited. We bring you the top places to visit in May.

1. Greece

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The delightful weather, varied geography of coastlines and mountains makes Greece an all-time Classic. With the temperatures of around 21 degrees centigrade, the beginning of summer marks for the best time to explore the islands of Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Corfu, and Crete along with the archaeological sites like Delphi and the Acropolis. Do not miss being part of the Corfu Beach Festival while you visit this cradle of Western civilization. With the spectacular set of events such as performances, the music of Corfu orchestra, and Philharmonic and many other vibrant programs Corfu is also a great place to celebrate Easter. Fete full of medieval music, drama, dancing, games and a dragon’s quest, Medieval Rose Festival at Rhodes is something you must not miss out on either. And all the music lovers, witness international and local jazz talent and a variety of Jazz music at the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival which is a great event.

2. Hungary

places to go in may

This is among the topmost tourist destinations in the world with a unique amalgamation of traditional European culture and modern-day systems. Take a trip through quaint, rural villages and enjoy a thriving nightlife in Budapest both at a distance of over a few miles. The capital city- Budapest is also considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hungary is home to several World Heritage Sites, UNESCO Biosphere reserves, also house the second largest thermal lake in the world. The third-largest church- Esztergom Basilica and the largest synagogue in Europe- Great Synagogue are some of the many attractions and highlights of the country. One can enjoy an ideal fun and laid-back vacation while in Hungary.

3. Scotland

places to go in may

Located in northwestern Europe and being a part of the UK, it forms to be one of the most important countries in the continent. The chequered kilts and bagpipes are the first few things to pop on the mind as you think of Scotland, whereas there is a lot more the country has to offer. From the coastal blue waters to the lush green highlands, from amazing food to fine Scotch whiskeys you can enjoy them all while in Scotland. Magnificent castles, long history are the primary attractions something which everyone visiting the country would love to explore and learn about.

4. France

places to go in may

The array of events, small crowd, and the mild Spring together make France some of the best places to visit in the month of May. Warm weather with temperatures ranging from 8 to 20-degree Celcius makes it extremely comfortable for outdoor activities like sightseeing. Some spring showers and cold evenings now and then only add on to the adorability factor of the country. The glamour of Paris is highlighted with the ruins of Roman Marseille, the architecture of Lyon and the striking beauty of the Lire Valley. There is something for everyone in May in France, sports enthusiasts get your booking in advance for the French Open Tennis near the Bois de Boulogne. After midnight Museums in the country are a delight to the history and art lovers with no charge for the evening called the Museum Night, where many public events are run. All the music lovers can enjoy the Saint-Germain-des-Pres Jazz Festival which goes on for two weeks with free concerts, music, and entertainment. Even the Cannes Film Festival and the Cinéma de la Plage are hosted around the same time which shall also include a nightly screening of the Cannes Classics.

5. Japan

places to go in may


A sovereign nation located in Eastern Asia has gained popularity for the bustling cities, imperial palaces, national parks and lots of beautiful temples. Tokyo, the capital city and home to tonnes of skyscrapers is a much-visited tourist destination of the country. You can choose to just relax at a beach or discover the architectural beauty of Japan or even take part in adventure sports. May can also be a month to have one of a kind experience with the cherry blossom season is still present. You can even take part in Hanami a traditional form of watching the cherry blossom bloom, which can be enjoyed in the form of picnics and excursions amidst perfect sceneries straight out of fairytales.

6. Vietnam

With the temperatures not rising beyond 32 degrees Celcius, May is the most comfortable weather of the year in Vietnam. The golden paddies of Ninh Binh, the beauty of Mu Cang Chai which is no less than a paradise, the island of Cat Ba, the view of Pu Luong also known as ‘the land of warm hearts’, altogether makes Vietnam one of the best countries to visit in May. Buddhism, the most widely practiced religion of the country, celebrates Buddha’s Birthday in the month of May. This calls for an extravagant celebration with Lavishly decorated temples, a variety of Vietnamese dishes and processions of monks thus also celebrating the local culture. The food during this is a treat for vegetarians. Hue Festival also falls in May which is a biannual festival comprising of street performances, film screenings, poetry festivals, fashion shows, exhibitions, kite flying, boat racing, and even human chess.

7. Turkey

A country which is an influence of Christian European West and an archive of Islamic Middle East impact falls on the border of Asia and Europe. Modern and westernized culture exists in Turkey currently along with the exotic and obscure side hidden from the outside world. Explore the natural panoramic landscape, fertile valleys, rugged coastline, huge mountain ranges, historic places, and quaint villages while visiting the country. Experience the bustling bazaars, aromatic spices, buzzing cafes, nightclubs, enchanting belly dancers, and hammams in the capital city of Istanbul which is also the heartbeat of the country. Ankara, Antalya, Pamukkale town, Cappadocia, Hierapolis for heavenly spa days, and Mardin while visiting Turkey in May. Since you are there during the summertime do not miss a Turkish ice cream specialty- Dondurma.

8. Malta

To the south of the Italian island of Sicily, Malta is an island state located in the Mediterranean Sea known as one of the best places to go in May. Fortresses, Temples sandy beaches, cliffs, and jutted coves along with the fascinating history going back to the days before Christ coupled with thrilling activities like scuba diving, snorkeling makes it worth visiting this small island nation. May is the month to indulge in some water activities like scuba diving, unwind at famous party scenes and nightlife of Malta and also to take a day trip to Gozo.

9. Mauritius

This island is a Prime holiday destination on the Indian Ocean ideally known as a honeymoon location or for a relaxing trip with your family. The natural aesthetics and amazing beauty are attractive features of the island which will leave you spellbound. Try the water activities like scuba diving and kite surfing, a perfect way to beat the heat while you are on the island. Do not miss the Albatross seaplane ride over the Mauritius coast to enjoy some of the amazing views while you are visiting Mauritius.

10. The Bahamas

With its warm and sunny weather, the Bahamas is one of the perfect places to go in May for a beachside holiday. It is a pure delight for any beach lover to visit the fine number of islands such as the Eleuthera and Harbour Island, the Grand Bahamas, the Long Island, the Nassau’s Blue Lagoon Island, the Bimini Island and others. During May you will see a fall in the local prices, a drop in the humidity and less crowded beaches making it an ideal holiday destination also with the more comfortable booking of flights. Be a part of The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival which also simultaneously takes place with the Music Master’s Competition during the first week of May. So make it a marvelous May as you plan to visit the Bahamas in the coming season.

Make sure you cover all these top places to go in May after this Huge Lockdown.


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