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A Guide To Triund Trek Mcleodganj

Triund is situated between the Dhauladhar Mountains and Kangra valley, making it a perfect getaway to the heights in McLeodganj. This is a thrilling and fascinating trek offering you the views of stunning landscapes such that of a high altitude trek. This is among the most sought after treks the trails of which go through the forest of deodar, rhododendron and oak, with fresh air to soothe your mind and soul. This is among the most popular activities in Mcleodganj taking up which shall definitely not be regretted.

Best Time for Triund Trek

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The trek is doable during most of the year one of the reasons which it has gained popularity. During monsoons, a few days of heavy rain does make it hard. Peak winters are an exception which also lasts for a few days apart from which you can take it up any time. Few weeks of January and February the trek remains closed because of heavy snowfall when Tirund becomes inaccessible. The weather remains pleasant during the summer months of March to June and post-monsoon from September to mid-December which is the best time to take up the trek.

Triund remains open till the 31st of December up t 1st week of January at times depending on the snowfall around the time. Again opens late February or early March depending on the weather conditions.

Triund Trek Information

Triund trek’s difficulty level is easy which means even the first-timers can take it up. Starting from and ending at Mcleodganj total distance of the trek would be 9km one way which would be required approximately 2 days.

This trek is considered easy and the right choice for a beginner which are about 9 km and out of which 4 km is a steep but easy climb. The most interesting and popular part of the trail is 22 curves which may not test your fitness but the will to finish the trek. The last 2km can get a little tough for some, yet again depends on person to person. There are also eateries and canteens on the way up from where you can choose to refill your energy, have a warm drink or just take a good long breath.

How to Reach the Base camp

The most common base camp is Dharmkot which is about a kilometre from the Mcleodganj bus stand. A few treks also begin from Gallu Devi Temple.

You will have to reach Mcleodganj which is easily connected from across the major cities in North India. Frequent Volvos are running from Delhi/ Chandigarh which can also be booked which usually takes about 11 to 12 hours. Mcleodganj can be reached by a shared cab or bus, from Dharamshala which is about 8km from Mcleoganj.

The nearest railhead is at Pathankot from where one can reach McLeodganj by bus or shared cab.

The nearest airport is at Gaggal which is located at 17km from Mcleodganj.

Things to Carry

  • You will have to carry camping gear and advance trekking gear only if you are planning to spend your night at the summit.
  • Otherwise, you can carry a fleece jacket, gloves and maybe a windcheater.
  • Shoes with good grip, high ankle shoes are recommended for the trek.
  • A sunscreen and hat to deal with the harsh sun rays.
  • Carry a packed lunch if you need a full-fledged meal, or if snacks will do then maybe you can munch on some on the way.
  • You can buy some bottled water on the way but do carry a reusable water bottle.

Preparation for the trek

Except for the last kilometre which is steep, the overall trek is quite easy and people even reach the top within less than 3 hours. All you need is to be physically fit to complete the trek. Kids over the age of 5 and also senior citizens take up the trek with ease. The trek might cause problems if during the rainy or winter season so try to take caution based on the weather conditions. Remain prepared with extra care especially with the outfits and warm clothes such as extra woollen or raincoats as per the season.

Most Common Itinerary of the Trek


Arrival at Mcleodganj on day 1 and reporting at Base Camp at 10 am. As the trek takes off you shall be going via Dhramkot&Naddi. Stay at the tents at Triund top in a campsite.

Check out from the camp and head back to Mcleoganj by trekking and arrive at the base camp around the afternoon on day 2.

The trek can also be completed in a day if you do not wish to camp there under the sky full of stars in the comfort of a tent. Depending on your speed of walking and stamina it will take about 9 to 12 hours to complete the whole trek in a day. You can also cover Bhagsu falls and temple in a day’s hike if you start your trek early in the morning. So, plan your trek accordingly.

Other Treks around Dharamshala and Mcleodganj 

The towns of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj has turned out to be backpacker’s hub and a hot trekking destination. Proximity to NCR, Punjab and a few other major cities of North India has made this a prime attraction for adventure enthusiasts. Nominal pricing of adventure activities and treks, good camp setup structures are other major reasons for the people to travel to this region often.

You can explore the further beauty of the region such as Laka glacier and Indrahar pass trek which offers an unmatchable experience and landscapes. You will fall in love with the spellbinding beauty of the mountain range, camping in places such as shepherd’s meadow at Laka glacier. These treks are a continuation of Triund whereas the terrain and difficulty level increase once you cross Triund. So if you are looking for a further challenge to your adrenaline then you must go for these. The Triund Trail continues to these further options-

Indrahar Pass Trek from Mcleodganj

Indrahar pass connects Kangra and Chamba valley in the Dhauladhar range of Himalayas. It is almost about 1400 meters above Triund. During this trek, mysterious valleys hidden under thick mountain mists, you shall come across famous Lahesh caves, where you can also halt or a while. The harsh and steep climb will test the skills of the trekkers thus making this a perfect opportunity for trekkers with previous experience. The total distance of one way in this trek of 30km will take about 4 days in total to start and reach back Mcleodganj.

Indrahar Pass to Chamba

Starting from Mcleodganj this particular trek ends at Chamba. This is a total of 5-day trek where you will be crossing Indrahar pass to go to the other side of the mountain in ChatruParao village on day one. You shall be in Kuarsi, a quaint gaddi (shepherd) village in the Chamba region tucked in the mountains of Himalayas. On day two of trekking, you will also get to camp in Lahesh cave followed by camping at ChatruParao village the next day. You will be getting some beautiful views of PirPanjal ranges from here. Thus the trek is a complete offbeat experience that also provides an opportunity to explore beyond Triund.

Laka Glacier Trekking

If you feel Triund is too easy and would like to try a little more of stretch in the adventure as well as the difficulty level then you must go for Laka Glacier Trek. This is almost a day further hike from Triund the difficulty level of which is moderate for the first-timers. You must visit this glacier in April or May since it melts away in August. This is the best trek to beyond the snowline of Triund during summers. You will also be passing through shepherds’ meadow surrounded by snow-clad mountains and misty valleys where you can also choose to camp.

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