lohri 2020

Lohri 2020-Places that celebrated

Winter Celebrations and Feasts of India during this 2020 Lohri!

In India, every season is filled with festivals and celebrations of its own. They have various festivals celebrated across the country, across the year marking different occasions. Lohri is one such festival occurring in the peak winter month of January which is majorly celebrated as a harvest festival which is especially in and by the people of the region Punjab and around. Mostly Sikhs and also a few Hindus celebrate this Punjabi festival in India. It also marks the arrival of longer days after the winter solstice. It occurs before Makara Sankranti when houses are cleaned, markets are decorated and a feel of the festival can be sensed everywhere. The energetic dance form of Punjabis- Bhangra is prominently seen everywhere along with people visiting each other and distributing sweets wishing everyone a happy year and longer days of summer.

Celebration of Lohri.

The celebrations involve lighting up a bonfire, gathering around singing songs and enjoying bhangra with Special arrangements are made for all-night celebrations. Children collect items such as peanuts, jaggery, chikki, and phuliya by going door to door and singing songs that are later distributed during the gathering.

Places where Lohri is celebrated

We bring you some of the best places in India where the festival is celebrated in its utmost spirits. You must visit these places if you would want to experience the festivity and celebrations in its real form.



A union Territory which is also considered the capital of Punjab is a city to witness the beautiful celebrations of Lohri. Gurudwaras decorated with lights are the main point of attraction during the festival. It is very much similar to the view of Diwali when people light up their homes and surroundings with lights. Chandigarh offers one of the best celebrations of the festival where people throw parties in their homes, meet up relatives and friends to exchange gifts and greetings.


People in the capital never fall behind in celebrating any festival of the country. Delhi is another city where the Lohri celebrations can be found all around. You will see people wandering the markets that remain open all night and crowded during the time of Lohri. Shops offer discounts on various items throughout the festival, and you shall notice them selling jaggeries and sweets in plenty too. The festival is celebrated with their loved ones especially when they all gather and during the night. Everyone celebrating Lohri is dancing, singing, and exchanging sweets and jaggeries in the houses decorated with lights and in a traditional manner.


lohri 2020

The city of Golden temple is among the best places to visit during winter. Amritsar tops the list of places to celebrate Lohri. You will witness the sparkle and vibes of the festival all around while in this city. People wear new clothes to distribute sweets, gifts and wishes to everyone, besides which a huge number of people visit the temple during the festival. Kite flying is another major attraction during this festival. Altogether, it is worth attending Lohri celebrations in Amritsar once in a lifetime.


This is a city filled with Sikhs wonderfully celebrating Lohri in a traditional form yet being energetic. People all dressed up in traditional attires, doing the Bhangra to the beat of Dhols is what makes the festival so full of zeal. Ludhiana is known for its celebrations of festivals in the most dynamic yet traditional way.


lohri 2020

It is a great idea to head to Jalandhar if you want to discover the culture of Punjab. This is an ancient city celebrating Lohri in an even manner. January sets the phase with people starting to clean and decorating their houses, markets being crowded. You shall witness heavy discounts on traditional dresses and also on sweets and items alike. People coming out and dancing to the beat of Dhol during the festival is a beautiful view that can hardly be seen in any other part of India, which is why Jalandhar is the best place to visit during Lohri.

With the diversity of India as a whole, different communities, religions, and people of faith living together has to lead to a celebration of every festival in Harmony. Today, these festivals which used to be limited to the specific regions once, all celebrated across the country which has reduced the need for traveling to witness them specifically. But yes an added advantage of traveling to experience these festivals that you can also explore the places around and come in face to face with the true ethnicity and tradition of the festival. Keep in mind not to disrespect or hurt the sentiments of communities attached to such celebrations as you visit places to experience them.

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