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Kufri is among the most sought after destinations in Himachal Pradesh for a holiday of every kind. Honeymooners, families, adventurers all hail to this place which is at a higher altitude making the place perfect for snow all through the winters. The location of this town is also quite ideal being at a distance of just 10km from Shimla. People who are sightseeing in Shimla also include Kufri in their list of places to visit. This is among the must-visit places if snow excites you.

Best time to Visit Kufri

Summer (April- June)-The summer temperatures remain between 12 to 19 which is still not warm to be called summers. This enables you to enjoy the ideal tourist activities. The summers are also a spectacular season for the annual Summer Festival which celebrates the art and culture with grandeur and joy.

Winters (November- March) is a white sheet of snow and a day filled with hoards of activities. The temperatures surely drop to sub-zero degrees, but to experience the real charm of the town, this is the time to visit the place. Winter Sports Festival is hosted every year in February welcoming all athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Monsoons( July- October)– This isn’t a hindering affair as the rainfall is scanty however the entire town has a misty look leaving you in awe. the temperature here during monsoons drop to below 10 degrees too. This is also considered downtime for the town and tourist activities.

How to Reach Kufri


By Air- Nearest airport is in Shimla (Jabbar Bhatti airport), from where you can easily avail of a taxi to reach Kufri. However, considering the more frequency and connectivity of flights from across the country is Chandigarh which is about 3-4 hours from Kufri.

By Rail-  Ambala and Chandigarh are the nearest railheads connecting the cities from across the country. Taxis and buses are easily available from here to Shimla.

By Road- The town is easily accessible by road. Buses link Kufri from Shimla, Narkanda, and Rampur. Cabs and buses to hire privately are also available.

Places to visit and Things to do in Kufri


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This is no doubt a skiers paradise covered in beautiful sheets of snow all during the winter. Tourists and Skiers flock this place from the first snowfall of the season till the snow melts. Kufri offers the most adventurous platforms for skiing with its slopes, the heights, and the snowy carpet also making it perfect for hosting the adventurous sport.

From mid

December to early February it is the best time to visit the region if you want to enjoy the snow activities. Deep valleys and thrilling slopes make the place best suited for skiing. This beautiful tourist destination is at about 16km from Shimla which was once known to be a small pond.

Mahasu Peak

This is the highest peak of Kufri which can be reached only on horse/mule back, as the path is very muddy and almost impossible to cover it on foot. The place is worth the visit considering the panoramic view it offers. A temple called Nag temple on top of this peak is a true sight to behold.

Kufri Fun World

This is located at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level and known to be one of the highest amusement parks in the world. It is situated amidst the snow-capped peaks and houses the highest go-kart track in the world. The situation of the park is among the most beautiful ones in the world.

Ride a horse to the Mahasu Peak

Since it is a muddy terrain and almost to traverse through by foot, it is best to take horse or mule ride to the peak of Mahasu. This is a safe and joyful activity. Enjoy the view of mountains in the front and even some apple orchards on your way to the top.

Indira Tourist Park

This is located close to the Himalayan National Park which is known to offer a calm ambience with a great atmosphere of good coffee and good food. You can visit some of the coffee shops here such as Lalit, the cafe run by Himachal Tourism.


Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh

The capital city of the state Himachal Pradesh once used to be the summer capital during the colonial rule in India. It is a city that blends natural beauty and man-made marvels in a most intricate manner. Surrounded by thick green forests, snow-clad mountains at a distance, full of architecture in the victorian style of the British Era the town is a true splendor to spend a vacation. Churches, The Ridge, and the mall road are some of the most visited attractions in the city alongside many viewpoints, snow points and scenic trails around the city.


Emerging to be one of the topmost activities in Kufri this activity of Tobogganing is a fun thing to do for a person of every age. This allows you to slide down the snowy slopes and trails with or without a company. This fun in the activity can be accompanied by the view of snow-clad peaks and valleys with trees and meandering streams. This is one of the must things to try your hands on while visiting this region.

Treks around Kufri


Encircled with apple orchards, amidst valleys, this is an ideal picnic spot during the summers and an amazing skiing point during the winters. Located at about 6km from Kufri this place also has got some of the beautiful tourist bungalows at the peak too. People can trek up to Chharabra which is about 3km or even take up pony or yak rides.

The Himalayan National Park

The park houses around 180 bird species and extremely rare mammals to making it a delight for any wildlife enthusiast and nature lover. One of the best ways to experience the rich biodiversity the park has to offer is by trekking through the national park which usually lasts for 5 to 7 days. It is a beautiful national park covered in Deodar and Oak trees, villages inside with a culture of their own. To get away from the fast-paced life and relax while you unwind, the great Himalayan national park is among the must-visit places.

KupparBugyal Trek- Pabbar Valley where the natural beauty overflows are one of the interesting trekking options in Shimla District. The entire stretch of 18km this trail is marked with deodar, coniferous and deciduous forests. This trek takes you to the KhadaPathar top from where the mesmerizing views of the Pabbar Valley and other Himalayan peaks located across the Kinnaur to Chanshal Valley.

Chail- This is known for a dozen of trekking trails and also famous as Walker’s Paradise. A few treks from here lead you to the Choor Peak, Shimla and other Himalayan areas.

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