job opportunities in travel industry

Job Opportunities in Travel Industry | Travel related jobs

Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industry which along with other contributing industries, is also expected to grow extensively in the coming years. A job in this sector is equally exciting and adventurous which is also said to grow in a similar trend and also pay well. This industry also hopes to create 46 million job opportunities by 2025 in India alone. even though the kick start of the industry was quite slow, the government initiatives have carved up opportunities in the field for those who would want to make a career in this field.

According to a report of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), there are possibilities that India can add up to INR 8,50,000 crores by the year 2020-just by tourism. It is also stated by WTTC that India’s GDP constitutes 9.7 per cent of the country’s total GDP in the year 2017 totalling to 234,011.8 million USD which must be supporting so many employments and also shows the potential of increase. Book Honeymoon Tour Packages

Career options in Travel and Tourism

There are endless opportunities in this sector that is growing tremendously. Few such opportunities include travel agencies, Customer Ground Handling (customer service) at international or domestic airports, tour operator, an adventure tourism expert, ticketing officer, transport officer, event manager, holiday consultant, cruises, airlines, hotels, logistics and tourism departments in government and private sectors. The job roles provided by the tourism and travel sector include some of these.


job opportunities in travel industry

By hotels we mean Restaurants, cruise lines, camping grounds, resorts, bars, Inns and rest houses. The roles and responsibilities in this field in vast requiring manpower at every level. Since it is a service industry, it is always in need of a more human resource to serve the best to the guests compared to any other materialistic elements. Some of the main job roles in this includes-


This will include job description requiring you to communicate with the guests in the front end as well as to the service providers in the back. It is one of the primary jobs which is purely responsible for a pleasant stay or experience of the guests. In a way, all other aspects of the service depend on operations to a major extent.

Front Office

Earlier this was referred to as reception, well the job description of it is a lot more than just a receptionist. They are involved in handling the bookings, check-in and check-out formalities, collection of payments, handling complaints and various other tasks which are also a lot more computerized now.

House Keeping

They are the staff involved in keeping from the entire presentation fo the hotel, from cleaner toilets in the bedrooms to well-manicured lawns of the gardens. The five-star hotels and resorts hire specially equipped resources from high-end training institutes, as this is a job that has no scope for error.

Food and Beverages

Being a restaurant or a Bar this tops the list that too with the vast variety and cuisines of food that is available from around the world. They include jobs like bakers, chefs, cooks, bartenders, servers and a lot more of such roles. This is one of the jobs requiring people with high creativity and expertise in the field.


This is a job role that is interchangeable in industries, a person well equipped with the accounting field of different sectors can apply for this. An accountant will specifically be dealing with the accounts of hospitality industries in this.


It involves Maintenence at various levels from the electricity, plumbing to an engineer, which will require resources from various fields working together.


As the name suggests it mainly deals with sales, in this industry, the sales refer to the selling of rooms and services to the right clients. Depending on the kind of dealings it can go on to be B2B, B2C, and other forms.

Public Relations

This is the main department working on keeping up the image of the group of hotels or resorts, following up for feedback, working on various marketing and media platforms forming ideal relationships between the public and the industry.


This matters the most while considering high-end hotels and their client base. Having said that, it doesn’t mean smaller ones do not require security. The industry is as such which has direct contact with the foreign dealings, this will need the alert in every level doesn’t matter if it is a basic homestay or a high-end resort.


This is one of the top industries in the Travel sector also contributing to the major earnings and Incomes of the industry as a whole. Most personnel required in this field are highly qualified and well trained in the required field. Major roles in this include-

Ground staff

They are the staff required for traffic assistance on the runway and also on the board. Those who are working on bookings, reservations and other things alike. Counter staff who are in the airports involved in your boarding procedures, bookings, and others.

In-flight Staff

Includes cabin crew those who are more prominently known as an air hostess or flight attendants or stewards who are required for all the services during the journey. They go through various special training regarding many aspects apart from basic services such as medical help, first aid, emergencies, and many such significant matters.


job opportunities in travel industry

Job opportunities in this field are mostly government departments or big private organizations specifically handling particular attractions.

Tour planners and tour guides

These are at various regional levels including state or local too. Time and again memorandums are released for the hiring or even training for such roles. One can get through and become a professional guide or a tour planner.

Information assistant

These are selected through SSC examination. This job is to provide the appropriate the tourists are looking for.

Reservation and Counter staff

This depends on place to place, reservation and counter staff can be found in railway stations, government guest houses, bus depots and alike.

Sales and marketing staff

Unlike all the industries, employees in this field, work on sales and marketing of a particular attraction, state or a region in specific. They can be interdisciplinary need not specifically have a tourism background or qualification for this role.


They are mostly the translators or those who are especially knowledgable or equipped in a particular field. They can even be tour guides who are multilinguistic or knowledgeable in a particular field.


These days you come across a travel agency at every corner of a street especially in the cities that are more oriented towards tourism. There are many job roles available in these agencies.

Tour Guides

With good training and knowledge people can take up this job of tour guides which are also vast these days example- historical guides, museum guides, temple guides, wildlife guides, trekking guides, bird guides, city guides, and many further such categories.

Sales and PR

This is a role in specific to sales and PR of that particular travel agency. Sales have a good incentive too because the agency as a whole receives a commission on each sale.

Travel Managers

This job requires you to handle every aspect of travel and might even want you to be on the field with travellers or tourists. They are the ones solely responsible for the smooth functioning of every operation and service involved in a tour.

Travel Counselors

This job role includes solving the queries, advising and suggesting the kind f tours clients can take up. Helping customers through every kind of concern and helping them choose the best package for themselves.

Itinerary Planning

Even though it sounds quite easy, it is one of the job roles demanding vast knowledge about places, attractions, transport, and various other aspects. Itinerary planning virtually requires the person employed to be there at the destinations being included gauging the timing, place of stay, weather conditions, transportation and a lot more.

Foreign Exchange

While dealing with inbound and outbound tours, one person or a team is required in specific who can handle all the foreign exchange involved. This needs updated knowledge of rates, terms, and conditions of money transfer and a lot more in the field.

Destination Manager

When a group of tourists or even individual travellers are sent to a particular destination, they need some management there. This is handled by the destination manager, he will be responsible for every kind of assistance in his description for the tourists.


This includes a vast field, lending of the required transport to the right kind of travellers is the major part of this job opportunity. This includes booking, reservation, arranging and accumulating of all kinds of transport may it be a rail, ferry, bus, coach, or even a cruise. Hence this is a vast field offering vast job opportunities within.

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