International Women’s Day- Top Women Travel Bloggers in India

Happy International Women’s day! let’s cherish some of the top Female travel Bloggers, shall we?

We may have seen our Instagram, Facebook and other social media full of content by Influencers or Travel bloggers. Here’s our take on the topmost travel bloggers and people out there who are not just living a virtual life on these platforms but experiencing their travel life at the best and showcasing them truly through the art of words. The blogs and contents by these wonderful bloggers take you places and fetch your experiences that seem so real. Women traveler blogs these days are equally appealing or rather even more interesting than those of Male travelers because well women run the world and let’s just all agree to that. So, on occasion of this International Women’s day, we have brought you some of the best Women bloggers in India, who are worth commemorating. So start following them already!

Shivya Nath

International women's day


The first one in the honor of International women’s day is Shivya, a small-town girl with a family who was protective and quite hesitant to let her travel. She had a job at Singapore Tourism Board after her graduation from Singapore itself. She had been keen on traveling and had gained good insight from her job but only if she was more interested in such a corporate environment. She quit her nine to five job and started full time traveling at the age of 23. From then she has swum with sharks off the East Coast of Malaysia, lived with a Mayan community in Guatemala, and so much more and even been featured by travel giants, BBC and National Geographic Traveller India. She has an Instagram handle by the name of the shooting star, it is a true inspiration and a dose of entertainment too, to follow her on social media.

Anuradha Goyal


She is another example of how to live your life the way you’d like if you choose to break away from the monotony of corporate life. She decided to give it all up after a career of 12 years in the IT industry. She has covered 15 countries all over the world within 10 years of giving up her job. Her wonderful stories are worth a read or follow on Inditales. Where she has got plenty of attention from Media for her blogs which don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Lakshmi Sharath


She is a content specialist, photographer, renowned writer, and a media professional, who has carved herself a pretty good path in the media circle. She realized her interest lies in traveling and discovering the world after 15 years of working life. She chose to discontinue her job and has traveled over 25 countries and a number of Indian offbeat destinations. Blog with the name Travel with Lakshmi was started in 2005 which has been well recognized on various platforms and has grabbed the title as India’s best travel blog of the year from Indibloggies.

Mridula Dwivedi

International women's day

With over an experience of 18 years of travel under her belt, Mridula is one of the more experienced travelers on this list. She started traveling and her own blog “Travel Tales from India and Abroad” back in the year 2005. She worked as a professor in Kanpur after pursuing a Ph.D. from IIT and quit her job to travel full time in May 2016. Her blog is full of her favorite travel memories, photographs and her love for metro travel while covering 26 countries in many years. Besides her Website gaining a lot of attention, her work has been featured in platforms like BBC and the Guardian also.

Arti S

She is a blogger based out of Mumbai and loves traveling with her dad, whom she considers her role model. Considering herself to be a spiritual person she aims at inspiring fellow travelers like herself through the travel stories on her blog called “My Yatra Diary”. She has visited many countries including some of her dream countries Japan and Australia. Her work in the form of descriptive stories has won several awards and has been featured in several massive publications.

Ami Bhat

She is among those travelers who have been living life to the fullest, traveling full time alongside their full-time travels. She works in Marketing full time yet trying to squeeze in as much travel as she can every year. She proudly calls herself a ‘restless ball of energy’ and cannot remain at a single place for too long. Her travel stories are shared with the world on the website Thrilling Travel. She believes that the experience of traveling in itself is empowering, instead of counting the places she’s been to, yet covering 19 countries till now.

Ankita Kumar

international women's day

She is a small-town girl who grew up in a town named Rourkela in Odisha later moving to Bangalore for her graduation. She was afraid to even leave her house as a teenager for whom everything changed when she got exposure she wanted in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore. Ankita has traveled solo across Europe, South East Asia, and even South America. Her travel blog is named Monkey Inc which is an outcome of her colorful blog and crazy ‘monkey’ personality.

Deepika Gumaste

A communications professional who gave up her job in 2015 to travel full time has traveled across the globe. She funds her travels by working as a consultant currently. In the past five years, she has traveled to five countries and numerous destinations in India. You can find her stories on her website: Feet on the Map. Deepika is a dreamer who dreams of quitting her career full time, so she can become a vagabond, how can we forget such hearty souls on this international women’s day

Archana Singh

She fell in love with traveling from the year 2014 onwards when she took a trip to Ladakh alone as the trip she signed up for was canceled. This brought out the interesting part of Archana who gave up a job of a Brand Strategist to become a travel journalist. She aims to become an award-winning public speaker and writer, who loves to travel to offbeat destinations. You can find her stories and photographs on “Travel See Write”.

Neelima Vallangi

She is among those travelers who would like to take a detour on all the most visited tourist sites in India. Neelima chooses treks in some of the country’s most remote parts by choosing the path less trodden. She has quit her job as a Software Engineer to travel full time after her love affair with travel began in 2008. It all began with a tour to Ladakh, followed by many other adventures such as hiking in Kashmir, cycling in the Western Ghats and visiting many more beautiful places in the country. Her incredible stories can be found on her website “The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales”. Neelima hopes to discover more of our beautiful country before she’s 30.

Charukesi Ramadurai

She began her journey of travel when she was 26 years old and has covered over 46 countries so far. Charukesi is a Mumbai-based freelance writer by profession whose articles have appeared in the Guardian, the New York Times, BBC Travel, the Economist, the Hindu, National Geographic Traveller, CNN Travel, Forbes and many other big names in journalism. She is also a co-author of the book “Everything you wanted to know about Freelance Journalism (But didn’t know whom to ask)”. You can check out Charukesi’s blog g “Itchy Feet”.

Amrita Das

She is a freelance travel writer who travels after quitting her job in 2014. Amrita Das is one of the travel bloggers who’s worth to give a shoutout this International women’s day based out of Kolkata and worked as a photo editor at Femina and as a property manager in Goa, but nothing quite life traveling. She has traveled to a few countries in Europe and Southeast Asia and across India. Her blog Traveling Ideas of March shows food, good movies, and humor, all that she loves. Almost all her current trips are sponsored because of her blog’s attention that has been gained.

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