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Tucked away in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, this tinsel town is no less a paradise for the travellers. The mesmerizing natural landscape, flower-bedecked meadows, fast-flowing rivers,pine-clad valleys, magnificent misty mountains, and old-world charm is truly alluring to any kind of tourist or a traveller. The Victorian and Scottish architecture reminds you of the British influence over the country. Away from the buzzing life of cities, the town transports you into the lap of nature which also used to be favourite summer destinations of the ruling Britishers. Known for natural beauty Dalhousie must be visited for its mountains and streams which are major attractions themselves some of which include- Satdhara Falls, Daikund Peak, PanchPulla.

Best time to VisitĀ 

Dalhousie is one of a few destinations where the conditions remain ideal to be visited all round the year. Months from March- April when the snow begins to melt it is a brilliant sight to witness, but chills shall still be felt. The temperatures begin to rise in June. Even then the summer months experience nice weather. Thus the est season remains March to June with pleasant to decently warm yet beautiful weather for nature lovers.

Embark on adventure activities, plan to witness snowfall in the winters(November to February) of Dalhousie. October, November, and February are ideal months for all the outdoor activities such as sightseeing and even adventure activities. The temperatures during winters range from 1 to 10 degree Celsius.

Monsoons (July- September) aren’t that heavy in this region, no torrential rains either. Therefore your plans might not get hampered, only the beauty of natural scenery increased with fresh greenery.

How to Reach

By Air- Nearest airport is at a distance of 85km from Dalhousie at Pathankot, if not it is Gaggal at 140km in the Kangra Valley. From here you can take up cabs or even HRTC buses that are available conveniently.

By Rail- Nearest railhead is at Pathankot at a distance of 85km from Dalhousie. Hire a cab or even local buses from there to get to the town.

By Road- The town is well connected with major cities of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, also a number of buses running from these states to Dalhousie regularly.

Places to visit in Dalhousie

Satdhara Falls

Surrounded by snow-covered ranges, green pine and deodar trees, and fantastic views, these stunning falls are situated in the Chamba Valley. Satdhara means waterfall that brings together seven beautiful springs. At a point 2036 meters above the sea level, this is a perfect place for those who come looking for tranquility away from the city’s hustle and bustle of life. It is known as Gandhak in the local language and is the water which contains mica and medicinal properties and is also serene and clear crystal. In the backdrop of tall trees, lush green landscape, and foggy hills, the waterfalls gurgle with joy. The landscape looks like a thick olive green blanket packed densely with pine and deodar trees. The onlooker is drawn and taken bound with the magnificence of the beauty of the falls and surroundings.



This small town also known as the mini Switzerland of India is a mesmerizing beauty located at an altitude of 6500ft. The region has influenced and inspired the kingdoms of Rajputs and Mughals. The picturesque landscape and natural beauty of the place is bound to leave an everlasting impression on the visitors. This town has a small lake, nine-hole golf-course which are among the attractions of the place nestled amidst breathtaking landscape and lush greenery. Khajjiar is a plateau that also offers many adventure activities to the tourists thus also drawing and gaining their attention.

Dainkund Peak

Perched at an elevation 2755 meters also known as Singing Hill is the highest point in Dalhousie. This is a serene place for the nature fanatics that offers a bird’s eye view of the verdant valleys and mountains. Gentle breeze, musical sound of trees will allure you as you make your way upwards to the peak. It is a delight to watch the picturesque mud houses amidst lush greenery and the scenic charm of Khajjar lake. The peak is reachable by a taxi or self-drive wherein you can also choose to trek and camp at this place and other attractions here including Pholani Devi temple and an Air Force.



Fresh green pine and deodar trees surround this Panchpula waterfall where five streams come together and hence the name. This is a picnic spot in Dalhousie visited by the locals as well as tourists alike. The falls known for its marvelous beauty and trekking is a sight for the sore eyes. It also supplies water to various localities of Dalhousie. There is a memorial dedicated to Sardar Ajit Singh here, who was a great revolutionary, as he breathed his last near Panchpula. During monsoons, the beauty becomes extravagant when water gushes down the falls with full might. This also serves as a trekking route to Dainkund Peak.

River Crossing and River Rafting- These are the adventure activities organized around the region by private as well as government tourism organizations. The river crossing is conducted across river Ravi or Saal and river rafting too, is gaining importance in the Chamba region, which also in the same rivers. They are conducted under expert supervision and trained instructors.

KalatopKhajjiar Sanctuary

Snowcapped mountains, carpets of verdant grasslands, freshwater streams and thick deodar foliage make space for a variety of wildlife housing here. Located in the Chambal district of Himachal Pradesh this is a picturesque hilly location also known as Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. The Kalatop meaning black cap is assumed to be referred to the thick black forest cover on the highest hilltop in the sanctuary. This is a region rich in flora and fauna located on the river Ravi, and its natural charms make it a perfect weekend getaway. You will experience a pristine and mesmerizing nature while hiking on the well-defined trails of KalatopKhajjiar Sanctuary. You will get lost in the views of the PirPanjal range and untouched forests of the park. Overall this place has gained popularity as a remarkably scenic spot and a great place for trekking and nature walks.

Subhash Baoli

This is an attraction that houses a perennial spring which is named after the freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose who is also believed to have got cured of his ill health. With snow-dusted mountains in the distance, this spot is relished by those who come to experience the serene spot. It also makes for an ideal spot for picnics and evening strolls since it is located at a kilometre’s distance from Gandhi Chowk in Dalhousie. Also is another natural attraction nearby which is a beautiful waterfall.

St John’s Church

Being the oldest church in the town this not only has religious but also historical significance associated with it. A steady mix of beauty and history makes the place a favourite among photographers. It houses a library where a lot of books about the past and the present of the town can be found. This is a victorian architecture reminding of the Britsh regime in the region. The interiors are adorned with striking glass paintings of St John the Baptist along with St Peter.

Bakrota Hills

These hills are the highest area in Dalhousie and are surrounded by a trail called Bakrota walk which leads to Khajjiar. Even though there is nothing much in specific as an attraction for the tourists, the region is ideal for strolls and to enjoy the sceneries surrounded by deodar trees.

Sach Pass

In the Chamba District, Sach Pass is approximately 15 km from Killar at around 14500 ft. The trekking trail which is exceptional leads to the Pangi Valley, in the most enthralling valley. The rugged terrain and picturesque landscape offer wonderful trekking options for trekking enthusiasts. You shall be passing through lush green plantations, dense woods, and snow-clad peaks to explore your potential to face challenges and feel the thrill.

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