Coronavirus and Places that has not been effected by it!

Since its outbreak in Wuhan in December 2019, Cronovirus has affected twenty-seven countries so far. A few countries also were suspected of Covid-19 cases, where it was a relief to many countries when the test for coronavirus came up negative. We bring you the list of countries that have been tested with negative resulting in no confirmed spread of the virus.



The government of the country has not confirmed any existence of coronavirus in the country. Having tested 125 suspects, who were among those evacuated from Wuhan were admitted to a hospital in Wroclaw, the results have been negative. Thirty citizens evacuated from Wuhan earlier were also ruled negatively.


As reported by the government of Bostwana on the fifth of February, the infection has been reported negative for all the cases that have tested. A total of five cases were suspected and reported in Bostwana as coronavirus infection. On the 30th of January, the first suspected coronavirus case in Botswana was registered which was announced by the Ministry of Health and Wellness on 31st January. The suspect arrived in an Ethiopian Airways flight from China who is isolated and being investigated.


There have been no suspected or confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection in the country. However, three Israelis on board the quarantined Diamond Princess Cruise ship in Japan were tested positive and have been transferred to a medical center in Japan and are reported to have a mild case of infection. There are also efforts by the government being made to evacuate the other Israelis who are on board the ship through a special direct flight. Those evacuated will undergo further screening and quarantine procedures upon arrival.


There was a single suspected case of a 30-year-old woman with symptoms similar to those of coronavirus. She was observed in a hospital Swakopmund, Namibia, on 01 February after she complained of Chinese passengers who were wearing masks and coughing on her return flight from Australia. Anyhow, the Namibian Health minister announced that the suspected case has tested negative as of 3rd February.



The first case of suspected coronavirus of a Chinese visitor was reported on 31 January. The visitor was among 78 passengers who arrived in Yangon on a China Southern Airlines flight, from Guangzhou, among whom only 2 were allowed to disembark the plane. However, the country announced that the suspected case tested negative for the virus.


All of 76 suspected cases of coronavirus infection were reported negative in Pakistan. There were six Pakistani students in China who tested positive who have since recovered and discharged from the hospital. Students more than a thousand are still in China and are requesting an evacuation but the government seems to have decided not to control the spread of the virus to the country.


A 49-year-old Chinese citizen arrived from Hong Kong displaying symptoms of the infection which led to Ecuador being one of the first countries outside Mainland China to have reported a coronavirus suspected case on 26 January. Anyhow, on the 5th of February, the Ecuador Ministry of Health announced that the suspected case of coronavirus has been tested negative.


The latest update of the Peruvian Ministry of Health confirmed the latest update on 3rd February that there are no confirmed coronavirus cases existing in the country. Ministry announced that all the four suspected negative with coronavirus test earlier on the 31st of January.



Three Students studying in universities in the Wuhan city were under isolation in Addis Ababa were announced to have tested negative for the infection. Suspected to have contracted the coronavirus infection were four people in total.

New Zealand

The first case which was announced on 31 January in New Zealand was tested negative. On the first of February, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, the Director-General of Health announced the test results. The person who was suspected of the disease was held in isolation at the Auckland City Hospital.

The Czech Republic

A total of 48 individuals were screened for the novel coronavirus until the end of 04 February. All of them were tested negative, reported the Czech Ministry of Health. A nanofibre technology company, Respilon Group, announced that it developed a new face mask that could limit the spread of coronavirus.

The Maldives

The first suspected case of coronavirus was on 30 January in a male who arrived from Xiamen, China. The country is already working hard to control a measles outbreak and six other cases were reported subsequently among all the Maldivians who traveled to China. Anyhow it was announced that all the cases tested negative for the virus on 3rd February.


The suspected case of a Chinese citizen was tested in a clinic in Luanda and was reported on 29 January which was the first case of coronavirus case in Angola. Anyhow, his samples have tested negative for the virus.



At the Hygiene Centre of Vienna, a total of seven Austrians who arrived from China were placed under quarantine. However, it was tested negative for coronavirus infection on 4th February. Seven people who arrived in Austria on 2nd February were also isolated as a precautionary measure.


A sixty-year-old man suspected of contracting the coronavirus infection was tested negative for the disease as reported by the Greek City Times. He was placed under quarantine at the AHEPA University General Hospital.

Ivory Coast

On the 26th of January, coronavirus infection was reported in the Ivory Coast was suspected. A female student, 34-year old, the patient arrived from Beijing to Abidjan was placed under isolation and remained stable during the observation period. Her samples were also tested negative for coronavirus, as per the official announcement.


The first reported case of suspected coronavirus infection was reported on 30 January 2020, who was a traveler from Guangzhou. Symptoms of the disease were displayed and reported on 28 January 2020. The person was first placed in isolation at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and later placed in isolation at the Infectious Disease Unit of the Kenyatta National Hospital. The results of the Coronavirus test came out negative, stating that the person was just suffering from a common cold.



All of the seven suspected cases of the coronavirus infection tested on 27 January came out negative. A man of age 42 years, a woman of age 37-years and a two-year-old girl who came in contact with the man were all suspected cases who just received treatment for other respiratory illnesses. Other reported cases were in Jalisco on 20th January.


According to the Cyprus News Agency, a man from China suspected of contracting the coronavirus infection tested negative on 02 February 2020. On 31st January after he showed symptoms of the disease, the man was placed under quarantine at the Nicosia General Hospital.


Coronavirus infection suspicions of two cases were proved negative on 28th January. It was first reported on 27th January and placed in isolation at the Triemli hospital in Zurich. The person suspected had visited China and returned with symptoms of the infection.



A person from Wuhan who was suspected had come from coronavirus infection and admitted him to the Royal Victoria Hospital. The department of health confirmed the tests to be negative were reported by the BBC on 25 January. All 15 suspected coronavirus cases have been tested which came up negative as of 11 February.


As of the 4th of February, Denmark has announced that all those tested of suspected coronavirus have turned out to be negative. Initially, a Danish who returned from Wuhan with symptoms of infection was isolated and tested at Aarhus University Hospital, it came out to be negative followed by the most recent tests were on those that arrived at Roskilde Airport from Wuhan.

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