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Solo Trips are for the Soul!

We all spend our weekdays working in the 9 to 5 zone of our desk jobs, and weekends in mentally preparing for the upcoming weeks. In the meanwhile, we forget to live our lives to the fullest. We are either waiting for somebody to plan a recreation, confused as to where to head and what to do and lot many other such things form obstructions in the path. You can head on a spiritual or actual adventure or simply laze around at one of the many beach places with so many options around the city when the city itself brings you down emotionally. So, its time you plan your own vacation, head solo on the adventure of the lifetime. We bring you some of the best destinations where you can head to on a solo trip.

1. Lonavla

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This is one of the most popular hill stations near Mumbai located at a distance of about just 83 km from the city. The best things to enjoy on your visit to Lonavla shall be the beauty of its waterfalls and landscapes. Visit some of the historic forts at Tungi, Lohagad, and Visapur, explore some of the Buddhist caves and not to miss the famous Rajmachi Fort of Shivaji Maharaj. Any time of the year is an excellent time to visit this peaceful place with amazing weather all throughout. If your goal of heading on a Solo trip is to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate then this is the destination for you.

2. Karjat

You can go trekking around or chill by the river Ulhas or even just enjoy the waterfalls and the views of the surrounding greenery. The beauty of Karjat is way beyond what can be described in words. This is located at a distance of about 62 km from Mumbai, various attractions of which include River rafting, Trekking, and climbing, Scenic beauty, Forts, Waterfalls, Ghats and Caves. As you indulge in these activities Kajrat has to offer, you shall meet and get along other like-minded people on your Solo trip. This will fetch you a few more known friends before heading back to your routine. The caves here belong to the 1st century BC and were called home to the Buddhist monks, so paying it a visit will leave you feeling retrospective.

3. Alibaug


Tourists come here mainly to enjoy its picturesque surroundings and beaches with many facilities easily available. It is located about 95 km from Mumbai forming a perfect destination for all you Solo travelers who love beach and nature holidays. The architectures of forts Kolaba and Korlai are very much imposing adding on to the local hospitality. This will leave you an experience of life during the Maratha and Mughal rulers, in particular, followed by the Portuguese. Alibaug is especially famous for its beaches, forts, and Nature making it a perfect combination for any kind of traveler, serving every interest a traveler has.

4. Igatpuri

A visitor to this region is enthralled by the beauty of the lakes, waterfalls, and forests the place has got to offer. Your own company will serve you the best when you head to the wildlife sanctuary or even feast upon the sights here. Solo travelers here are attracted mainly because of the famous Vipassana Meditation Academy where you can enroll yourself for a unique meditation program. Some other attractions of the Igatpuri which are located at about 121km from Mumbai include Myanmar Gate, Ashoka Waterfall, Thal Ghat Waterfall, Tringalwadi, Kalsubai Peak, a Wildlife Sanctuary and Amruteswari and Ghatandevi temples.

5. Lavasa


This is about 188 km from Mumbai which is a privately-owned hill station. It is entirely designed to replicate an Italian hillside town and is yet to complete, as it is built across seven hills. Picturesque surroundings, Great weather, and Adventure Sports are the time attractions for anybody visiting this city. Lavasa is visited by enthusiasts just to experience the sole thrill of riding through the streets of the city, mountains pass offering an extraordinary drive. So, if you are planning a Solo trip that too on your bike then this is the place you must head to.

6. Dapoli

If you want to experience water sports at its best, then Dapoli is so much fun apart from the historic forts which are popular in the region. You can visit places like Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg, archaeological sites of Panhalekaji to experience the witness the marvel of human existence. Buddhist rock-cut caves will give you a peek into resilience with which mankind survived over the centuries. The main attractions of Dapoli located at about 225km from Mumbai are Ladghar, Murud, Tamastirth, Kolthare, Karde, Kelshi, Savane, Anjarle, etc. Beaches, Forts and Buddhist Caves.

7. Mahabaleshwar

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As you forget whether it a day or night during the regular humdrum rush of life, take a pause to experience one of the best Sunrise at Wilson Point of Mahabaleshwar. This city is located at a distance of about 231 km from Mumbai with major attractions such as Lingmala/Vajrai/Chinaman’s Waterfalls, Viewpoints, Lakes, Strawberries, Scenic Beauty, Boating and much more. Some of the viewpoints such as the Elphinstone, Arthur’s Seat here are amazing for capturing some of your solo moments, especially if you are a photography enthusiast. You can trek through nature to the origin point of the Krishna River, buy fresh strawberries at the marketplace.

8. Mulshi

This is one of those offbeat places, interesting especially for those who are nature lovers, birders or just like some peaceful time off. Mulshi is located at a distance of 165 kilometers from Mumbai, the beauty of the Mulshi dam is unparalleled and is a must-visit. The surroundings of the place, Mulshi lake, excellent weather make it an excellent destination to come on a Solo trip as you would like to unwind and enjoy your time here. Some of the major attractions of the place include Temgarh dam, Panshet, and Varasgaon dam.

9. Thoseghar Falls

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This waterfall located at about 282 km from Mumbai is best visited during monsoon. The measure of this beautiful waterfall is anything from 20 meters to 500 meters. The waterfall and scenic beauty of the place are the main attractions of the place. So, if you are traveling solo for some inner peace, these regal surroundings ruled by nature, you are sure to find some.

10. MalshejGhat

This is a place to experience the majestic beauty with innumerable waterfalls and densely forested mountains. Flamingos, which migrate here from Europe are a highlight of this place along with which you can enjoy some good time trekking around. The region consists of various forts and does not miss visiting Harishchandragad Fort as well as Jivdhan and Shivneri while you are here. Enjoy some scenic beauty of Pimpalgaon – Joga dam, Lenyadri caves. It is located at about 140 kilometers from Mumbai and attractions here include Trekking, Forts, Caves, Dam, Waterfalls and a good count of wildlife too.

11. Lohagad Fort

This is a fort built up 1033 meters above sea level and is easily accessible by train and road. If you have the adventure on your mind then you can even consider trekking up to it. Located at a distance of about 99 km from Mumbai, this fort has seen dynasties pass by and also has been a store for the treasury of Shivaji. Some of the major attractions here include Bhaja caves, Lohagad Dargah, Karla caves, and Pavana Reservoir. You can go trekking, visit the Buddhist caves, or just stroll in nature by feasting your eyes on the views this fort offers.

12. Khandala

Located at about 82 km from Mumbai, some of the major attractions of the place include Amrutanjan Point, Duke’s Nose, Tiger’s Leap, and Bhushi Lake. It is, in fact, a twin town of Lonavla offering some of the fantastic views of peaks and valleys. Adventure sports here is best enjoyed if you are a solo traveler looking for adventure options, they include hiking, trekking, adventurous climbing, valley crossing, rock climbing, and rappelling. Along with an ancient jail, built-in 1896, you cannot miss visiting other places such as Tiger’s Leap, Amrutanjan Point, and Duke’s Nose.

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